Nikon Nikonos-V (Amphibious) Reviews

35 mm Film Underwater Camera

Price Range: $400.00 - $889.99

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Main Specifications:

Usable film: Standard 35mm cartridge-type film
Picture Format: 24mm x 36mm (standard 35mm film format)
Withstands the pressure at 50 meters (160 feet)
Lens mount: Nikonos bayonet mount
Lenses: Dedicated Nikonos Lenses; five UW Nikkor lenses from super wideangle to medium telephoto available.
Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean-type Albada finder
Viewfinder information: LED shutter speed indications;
Film speed range: ISO 25 to 1600
Batteries: One 3V lithium battery (CR 1/3 type), two 1.55V silver-oxide batteries (SB-44 type) or one 1.5V alkaline battery (LR-44 type)
Dimensions (WxHxD) : Approx. 146 x 99 x 58mm (5.7 x 3.9 x 2.3 in.)
Weight (body only) : Approx. 700g (24.7 oz.)