Cheap Reusable and Single-Use Underwater Digital and 35mm Film Cameras

If you do not see a certain item available for review on our list and would like it to be present, please do not hesitate to submit its name to us:

Canon IXUS X-1 Water Resistant Film Camera

Canon ELPH Sport Waterproof Film Camera

Canon Sure Shot A1 Waterproof Film Camera

Konica Minolta DG-4W Digital Waterproof Camera

Minolta GX4 Underwater Film Camera

Jazz JDC38W w/Flash

Digital Concepts Aqua Shot

GoPro HERO Wrist Camera (Film)

Frog Eye

Snap Sights Sport Utility

Fuji Quicksnap Marine (Film)

Polaroid Waterproof SL32F

Aqua-Vu (Film)

Charman BF-200W (Film)

Charman DSC-500W Digital

Charman DSC-800W Digital

Charman DSC-500T Digital

Kodak Water & Sport (Film) Single-Use

Kodak Max Sport Single-Use (Film)

I-SeaPhoto Outdoor Digital

McNett Corporation Single-Use (Film)

Sealife Sport Diver (Film)

Sealife SL545 ReefMaster (Film)

Suprema Super Sport (Film) w/Flash

Sky Light TS1200VW (Film) Camera

Snap Sights Sports Daylight

Vastfame Camera Ltd UW20FT (Film) w/Flash

Vivitar Mariner (Film) Home